FAQ for Early Childhood


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does my child need to be potty trained to be enrolled at the Early Childhood level?

Because the Montessori classroom in the Early Childhood Program (3-6-year olds) offers many extended opportunities for the development of independence, self-responsibility, and inner discipline, children at this level are expected to be demonstrating skills such as the independent use of the toilet and the ability to feed themselves before enrollment. 

  1. 2. Is lunch provided?

Two lunch options are offered at Montessori Greenhouse for full-day students:

  1. Bring lunch from home

  2.   Snacks each day will be provided by the school, two per day at the toddler and early childhood level (a.m. and p.m.) and one at the elementary level (a.m.)

  3. 3.Do you offer partial week programs at the Early Childhood level?

Although typically Montessori Greenhouse offers only 5-day-a-week programs for early childhood students due to the recognition of consistency as an important factor in facilitating the young child’s ability to internalize classroom procedures, we do understand that some very young children require (and some parents prefer) a shorter schedule in the beginning of their school experience.  For that reason, the option of a partial week program is offered at the toddler level, and to children under the age of three who are enrolled at the early childhood level at our Los Alamitos facility.  You may choose the 3 consecutive days which work best for you (i.e.: W, Th, F).  Days may be increased upon the availability of space.  At this level, once your child reaches 4 years of age, s/he must be transferred to the 5-day-a-week program. (Please note that the Early Childhood level at our Belgrave site offers only a 5-day-a-week program schedule.)

  1. 4.Do you offer any “after school” programs for the early childhood level?

Currently, Montessori Greenhouse offers two auxiliary* programs after school (and at additional cost).

  1. “Webby” dance classes

  2. “Webby” gymnastics classes

*Auxiliary programs are offered at our facility, for our students, but are separate businesses.  All payments and communications should go directly to them.

5. What form of discipline is utilized at Montessori Greenhouse?

Our staff members use a positive discipline approach which is tailored to meet the needs of each individual student.  Within this view, children are encouraged to take care of others, and the environment, and to demonstrate cooperation.  When problems do arise, the students involved are supported in taking a look at the behavior that was unsuccessful, and in taking responsibility for that behavior by participating in a problem-solving process to find a more effective way to approach problematic situations.  Children are encouraged to notice that natural (or logical) consequences are the outcome of any self-chosen behavior.  Sometimes this is a more positive experience than other times.  At Montessori Greenhouse, there is a zero tolerance to bullying behaviors and/or physically hurting any other student.